Limited Time Only

  • From March to May Only

    LiyuTan Reservoir Ecological Tour (Firefly observation, butterfly observation)
    The fluttering dances of the fireflies fill the reservoir with the tinges of spring. The reservoir lies along Liyu Mountain and the clutter of the Central Mountain Range, it is a cool environment and ideal for the fireflies to habitat. Every year, during this period, the Tourism Bureau would arrange eco-tours for firefly observation and butterfly observation, these tours have become the most popular eco-tour ever held in Taiwan.
  • From June to August Only

    1. Whale Watching
      Apart from the beauty of forest and the coastal range, there is the hidden beauty of its unique oceanic view. Enjoy the beautiful scenary of the ferry coast off the Hualien harbor, also enjoy the breathtaking scenary of the Central Mountain Range, our whale watching narrator will explain the ocean ecology to you and look for the trail of whales and dolphins, get yourself ready and enjoy an exciting whale and dolphin encounter experience.
    2. Rafting, Summer Only
      About rafting, the most famous place for rafting in Taiwan is the Xiuguluan River. During the scorching days of summer, the best way to cool off is to take a cool and challenging rafting tour at Xiuguluan River. The rafting journey starts from the Great Rueisueida Bridge all the way to Chang Hong Bridge, the journey is thrilling and exciting, you will definitely enjoy the natural and beautiful scenary of the canyon rocks
    3. River Tracing, Summer Only
      River tracing is walking upstream along the river, just like the salmons struggling to swim upstream. During this activity, you would have to tread across stream, jumping betweenstones, wafting across pool size springs and climbing waterfalls. Apart from these activity challenges, you also can experience the beauty of the river valleys and the abundance of its ecological environment.
    4. Air-sighting Season
      Do you want to get on a light aircraft, a paraglide or a hot air balloon to see the breathtaking aerial view of the East Coastal Range? The coolest way to wrap up this tour is to take an air-sighting tour. This unique nature of Hualien, apart from the canyon and ocean, is the sky-high forest. The only way to see the paramount scenery of Hualien is to take a challenging air-sighting tour!
    5. Orange Day Lily Mountain, From July to Sept
      Under the scorching summer, there are two golden treasures ready for you to explore at the Chi Ker Mountain of Yu Li, and the Liuoshidan Mountain at Fu Li. These golden treasures are orange day lilies in a vast plain. Every year between July and September, it is the harvest period of orange day lilies and of course it is the best time for you to enjoy a delicious gourmet made of orange day lilies.
  • From September to November

    1. Wood craft season and Music festival at Lin Tien Mountain
      Lin Tien Mountain Forestry center used to be the fourth largest forestry center in Taiwan, and it used to be a self-sufficient lumbering district. In order to retain the unique characteristic of this forestry center, the Forest District Office invites woodcraft artists and musicians to annotate the lumbering culture and its stories through music to reminisce the history and the beauty of the “Lin Tien Mountain Forestry center”.
    2. Taroko Gorge Marathon
      The International Taroko Gorge Marathon is one of biggest events during autumn at Hualien and this is the only coastal range marathon in the world. The Taroko Gorge Marathon is usually held in November or December, attracting great numbers of marathon runners to join in this event. The marathon site has spectacular scenary of the coastal range known worldwide, you will enjoy the beautiful scenary during the event and see the breathtaking view of the entire coastal range.
  • From December to February

    The Coastal Range Flowery Field
    The most magnificent ocean view of flowers appears in the winter of Taiwan and it is located at the “Backyard of Taiwan,” Hualien and Taitung area. During the fallow season, the canola flower field plains and calliopsis plains roam from So Fung of Hualien County, stretching all the way south from Yu Li to Lu Ye Rift Valley in Taitung, just like a breathtaking canvas. The only place you can enjoy this beautiful ocean view of flowers with the unique mountain and water landscapes under the bright blue sky is at the “Backyard of Taiwan,” Hualien and Taitung!

Explore Hualien

Hualien is the backyard of Taiwan when the city folks come for leisure and vacation. This place is full of natural resources that yield the vibrant and colorful scenic environments, and it also has plenty ecological changes. Enabling busy city dwellers to enjoy the oriental natural view, soothing their tired souls and to have wonderful traveling experiences that they never had before, so they can recover their forgotten and long lost childhood memories.

  • Hualien City

    1. Hualien Harbor
    2. Dongdamen Night Market
    3. North Waterfront Park
    4. Chi An Chinghsiu Temple
    5. Pine Garden
    6. Hualien Cultural and Creative Park
    7. Hualien Cultural Railway Park
    8. Fung Lin Trail
    9. Gourmet Sites
      • Yi Xiang Won Ton
      • Gong Zheng Dumplings
      • Bomb Scallion Cakes
      • Yi Shin Ice cream Store
      • Sweet Potato Condiment of Hualien
      • Tseng Chi Handmade Mochi
      • Steel Black Tea, Temple Entrance Black Tea
      • Great Hualien Papaya Milk
  • Taroko National Park, Scenic Area

    1. Shakadang Trail
    2. Buluowan Recreational Area
    3. Swallo Grotto
    4. Eternal Temple
    5. Taroko Tourist Center
    6. Baiyang Trail, Shuilian Water Curtain
    7. Wenshan Hot Spring
    8. Xibao Primary School
  • Chishingtan Area

    1. Chishingtan Bike Trail
    2. Chishingtan Katsuo Museum
    3. Chishingtan Scenic Area
    4. Hualien Distillery
  • Rift Valley Area

    1. Li Yu Lake, Li Yu Mountain
    2. National Chihnan Forestry Recreation Park
    3. National Dong Hwa University
    4. Lichuan Fishery
    5. Yuen Shan Shui Magical Lake
    6. Lin Tien Shan Forestry center
    7. Mataian Wetland
    8. Fuyuan Trail, Fuyuan Temple
    9. Ruei Suei Hot Spring
    10. Ruei Suei Cattle Farm
    11. An Tong Hot Spring
    12. Chi Ker Mountain
    13. Wuhe Tourist Tea Farm
    14. Tropic of Cancer
    15. Sao Pa Pillar
    16. Tourism Sugar Factory in Kuanfu
    17. Hongye Hot Spring
    18. Lioushidan Mountain
  • East Coast

    1. Farglory Ocean Park
    2. Hsiukuluan River Rafting Center
    3. Changhong Bridge
    4. Shihtiping (Stone Stair Terrace)
    5. Shihti Fishery Port
    6. Ji Ci Coastal Recreational Park
    7. Baqi Lookout
    8. Huting Ciwi
    9. Tropic of Cancer